What is Video On Demand?

Video On Demand is a fully interactive service that allows you to select movies from the comfort of your home, anytime you want and watch the film any number of times over the period of 48 hours per film.

How much do the movies cost?

You may choose to purchase a single film, or you can choose one of our programs that offer a discounted rate for all of our films.










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Single Purchase

2,50 €

2,00 €

1,40 €

0,65 €












New Releases

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Pre-Pay Options






5 €

2,50 €

2,00 €

1,33 €

0,62 €



10 €

2,50 €

2,00 €

1,26 €

0,59 €



20 €

2,50 €

2,00 €

1,19 €

0,55 €



30 €

2,50 €

2,00 €

1,12 €

0,52 €



40 €

2,50 €

2,00 €

1,05 €

0,49 €

















What will I need to watch the content of pameodeon.gr?

You will need the following:
A computer with access to high-speed internet, Updated version of Widevine. The player will inform you if needed.

Is there a monthly subscription ?

Our service is addressed to all internet users-visitors with no subscription fee/commitment.

How can I measure my internet speed to watch a film with no interruptions?

The majority of the films are available in HD (720p) and SD video qualities.
The stream begins its broadcast with the default quality HD.
When HD video quality is available, a button on the bottom of the player will indicate
that the HD option is enabled. It is possible to switch from HD to SD and vice versa
enabling / disabling the option, by pressing the HD button during the viewing of a film.
The service can handle bandwidth fluctuations in household connections as it is based on Adaptive Bit Rate technology.
The minimum connection speed for uninterrupted viewing in HD is 1,5 Mbps and SD is 0,9 Mbps.

If I purchase a film now, must I watch it immediately, or can I watch it later?

Once you select the film, you have 48 hours available to you to watch it whenever you want to!

Can I pause the film and continue watching it later on?

You can pause or stop the film, as many time as you like in the period of 48 hours.

Is it safe to submit my credit card and personal information?

Yes, the registration process is secure. All information submitted is encrypted to protect your privacy.

I can not access the movie anymore. What is the cause?

Most likely, you have exhausted all of your time on this movie.

Can I watch the film on my television?

Yes, the process is simple. Connect an HDMI cable from your computer to your television. It is necessary that both your devices contain input/output for the HDMI cable.

In case that I'm facing problems, where should I report them to ?

If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us:
phone: 0030 (210) 6786400 (Monday - Friday 08:00 - 17:00)
email: support@pameodeon.gr

How can I prevent my children from watching inappropriate films?

When you register, you can choose an additional password for your child. Once they log on with their own password, films rated inappropriate will be locked.

How often do you update the movie library?

Our library is updated weekly. By selecting 'Coming Soon' you can find out which films are to be posted.

Can I download the VoD content for future viewing?

No, no film can be recorded or stored.

Is there a refund system?

PameOdeon can not be held responsible in case of technical issues. In case you experience difficulties, please contact us immediately and we will offer you the same fim with no additional charge for another 48 hours.

What happens if I forget my password?

In this case, there is a recovery password option on the window you sign in to your account.