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DEEP END (with English subtitles) / DEEP END

"Deep End" is an amazing romance thriller, where two men fight for the same woman .The first Nikos (Kostas Sommer), a handsome young man who is married to Fani (Natalia Lionaki), a successful gynecologist for her money. The second Giannis (Alekos Sissovitis), a wealthy and educated man married to Ino (Maria Korithiou). Nikos and Ino, secret lovers, can’t wait to enjoy their love. A weekend on the beach gives the chance to all of them to reconsider their relationship end find an answer to the vital question; can there be love and understanding in a world where hysteria, dead end relationships and death have the upper hand? A modern film, directed by the talented Thanasi Andoniou, written by Alexandros Kakavas, "Deep End" is a brilliant thriller with an unexpected ending. Even the smartest man can’t predict the lethal thoughts of a woman’s mind.

Directors : Thanasis Antoniou

Writers : Alexandros Kakavas, Dimitris Koliodimos

Actors : Tonny dimitriou, Kostas Sommer, Alekos Sissovitis, Maria Korinthiou, Natalia Lionaki

Country Produced : Greece

Category : Romance, Suspense, Thriller

Year released : 2008

(Α-18),  92 minutes, 57  views , 1.40  €

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