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Eleni left Karpatho when she was 17 years old. Twenty years later she is living in LA with her husband and three children. The care of her children and her Greek restaurant is apart of her daily routine. An unexpected event changes everything. Eleni’s teenage crush, Aris, is coming to America from the island to find her. Suddenly, what she used to want is now a source of pain. Eleni is called upon to make a difficult decision: to leave everything she has: life, kids, husband, to follow her dreams or choose to stay in what clearly looks like a boring and lonely life?

Directors : Ersi Danou

Writers : Ersi Danou

Actors : Haris Giakoumatos, Terry Maratos, Anthony Pertesis, Akis Sakellariou, Ioanna Pappa, Tamila Koulieva

Country Produced : Greece

Category : Drama

Year released : 2003

(PG),  90 minutes, 11  views , 1.40  €

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