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A movie with a message...on the answering machine! Because on Valentine’s day the individuals in love are not the only, who celebrate. The transformation of a successful theatrical show to the big screen! Electra is an ordinary woman like any other. Until the moment of "fate" she had nothing to do with the tragedy that surrounded her name. The only relationship she had was with Peter. The day of her birthday, and while her friends were preparing a surprise party, evil knocked on her door. A message on the machine, was Peter telling her that he wants to break up with her. The message is heard by all her friends apart from her. So they decide to hide it from her to celebrate her birthday first? if you think that Batman, a Spanish model, a pizza boy, strip shows and a taper-wear show have nothing in common, you are wrong...

Directors : Vassilis Mirianthopoulos

Writers : Vassilis Mirianthopoulos

Actors : Zeta Makripoulia, Giannis Tsimitselis, Sissy Christidou, Elisabeth Konstantinidou, Maria Lekaki, Giorgos Karamihos, Anna Monogiou, Iosif Polizoidis, Kimon Fioretos, Maria Mpakodimou, Tommy Sklavos

Country Produced : Greece

Category : Comedy, Romance

Year released : 2008

(PG),  90 minutes, 37  views , 1.40  €

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