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Markos, an ambitious young journalist of a small channel is found in a difficult position. During the filming of a demo for a show, that is for a big Athenian channel, one of the unsuspecting "victims" of the shooting, a strange young man, Ilias, takes with him a gun and the "bait" and disappears. In a desperate search of Ilia, Markos reaches his mother’s village, one of the deserted villages of Pindos. Ilias accepts to return the gun under one condition: to help him prevent a group of treasure hunters that want to destroy a deserted house that is connected to a village myth. Trapped in the village, Markos begins to interact with the few residents: Ilia, his father ?who is safeguarding the village- Kosta, Tina, who came with her brother Spyro from Athens to help him with his addiction to drugs. In this small time interval he gets to know their small and great problems, he is part of their joys and sorrows, he discovers the house of his grandmother and his mother’s big secret, communes the memory of a dying community. In the end, different now, he decides to help Ilias. A fact that will have unexpected results for everyone...

Directors : Dimitris Koutsabasiakos

Writers : Dimitris Koutsabasiakos, Vassilis Raisis

Actors : Dimitris Tzoumakis, Dimitra Zeza, Nikolas Aggelis, Giorgos Spanias, Apostolos Totsikas, Eleni Bergeti

Country Produced : Greece

Category : Drama

Year released : 2006

(PG),  97 minutes, 2  views , 1.40  €

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