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Angel is a young homosexual man living discreetly in an unfriendly social milieu. He falls in love with Michael, an experienced ?professional? who soon convinces him to resort to prostitution, to meet their needs. Then, events follow their course swiftly. The film focuses on situations that exist beyond the police records, harshly illuminating the dark sides and the social discrimination in Greek society.

Directors : George Katakouzinos

Writers : Giorgos Katakouzinos

Actors : Katerina Helmi, Michalis Maniatis, Vasilis Tsaglos, Maria Alkeou, Giorgos Bartis, Eleni Kourkoula, Takis Moschos, Pavlos Kontogiannidis, Dionysis Xanthos

Country Produced : Greece

Category : Drama

Year released : 1982

(PG),  90 minutes, 11  views , 1.40  €

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