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A FOOLISH LOVE (With English Subtitles) / ΟΙ ΑΠΕΝΑΝΤΙ

Actors : Giorgos Siskos, Dimitris Poulikakos, Aris Retsos, Betty Livanou, Konstantinos Tzoumas
(PG),  110 min,  8 views

A young mans spends his entire day locked in his dark room, watching the people in the surrounding b   More...


FROM THE SNOW (with English subtitles) / ΑΠ' ΤΟ ΧΙΟΝΙ

Actors : Mania Papadimitriou, Gerasimos Skiadaressis, Vasias Eleftheriadis, Lazaros Andreou, Dimitris Mavropoulos
(PG),  90 min,  10 views

Two friends along with a child, cross the borders to come to Greece to find work and a better life.   More...



Actors : Stavros Xenidis, Aleka Paizi, Betty Livanou, Lazaros Andreou, Dora Volanaki
(PG),  112 min,  4 views

Leo is just getting his pension and the future looks clean and awesome. An old friend of his is dyin   More...

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